Savage shot—or unfortunate coincidence?

That’s what NBA fans were left to ask on Tuesday night after Rudy Gobert appeared to respond to the news about his Jazz teammate Gordon Hayward signing a free agent deal with the Celtics by posting a short clip of him singing Chris Brown’s "Loyal" on Instagram.

And while there's a chance that Gobert is a really big Chris Brown fan and just so happened to be listening to "Loyal" on IG, it sure looked like he was taking aim at Hayward in his post—and it did not go unnoticed:

Whether Gobert meant to burn Hayward with his IG post or not, the Jazz are clearly Gobert’s team now, and even the Jazz seemed to admit that when they tweeted—and subsequently deleted—a photo of Gobert shortly after Hayward revealed he was leaving the team:

And Jazz fans didn't pull any punches, either, when they found out about Hayward's departure. They were obviously really upset and let Hayward know about it with a #betrayward hashtag:

Some fans also reminded Gobert that his IG video is going to be used against him if he ever decides to leave the Jazz:

If you still haven’t gotten around to reading Hayward’s The Players’ Tribune piece that outlines why he left Utah, you can check it out here: