Last summer, Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley Jr. signed a herculean contract worth $153 million. It made the 29-year-old Conley the highest-paid player in NBA history.

Later in 2016, Conley had another monumental life moment: he and his wife had a baby boy, Myles Alex Conley.

The internet, however, recently saw a photo of Myles and had some questions. A number of people posited that the boy couldn’t be Conley’s because he was “too white.”

Mr. Nice Guy Mike Conley at it again. He stayed with his wife after she cheated on him and had another man's baby

— Turf Talk Boys (@Turf_Talk_Boys) July 18, 2017

Takes a real man to swallow that pill, keep doing your thing my guy @mconley11 #Buckeyenation

— 〽️ (@SkiNNyNiggaD0e) July 19, 2017

— OG Mek™ 🇳🇬 (@AlmightyMek) July 19, 2017

Yep—Twitter was shook by the baby’s complexion.

Conley had a great sense of humor about it, though. He said the blue eyes run in the family, writing “I’m NOT that nice” in the caption of his response on Instagram. He even included a Maury photo and a video of him hitting the Shmoney.

Amazing. Mike Conley deserves every dollar of the $153 million just for that post.