Since soccer is pretty far down the totem pole in American sports, there's an everlasting question about how good the U.S. national team would look if our best athletes all played soccer instead of their sport of choice. Just like people speculate about LeBron James playing tight end in the NFL, there are people who wonder what Allen Iverson would have been like as a soccer player, darting in and out of defenses.

But as Marshawn Lynch proved on Sunday, not everyone is wired to play a sport played primarily with your feet. During the 2017 Zakuani & Friends Charity Game in Seattle, Lynch was on hand as a special guest to help raise money for Kingdom Hope. Lynch was not content to just sit on the sideline, though, and he was brought on briefly as a sub midway through the match.


Three Seattle legends at @stevezakuani11's Charity Match! 👀 (📷: @janegphoto)

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But his soccer career didn't last long, as he made no effort to hide his football background once he stepped on the pitch. Not only did he pick up the ball and run it into the net, he "lashed out" at the referee who sent him off the field for the illegal play immediately afterward.

Put it this way—I wouldn't advise this guy to quit his day job. He's an excellent running back who is clearly in the Beast Mode mindset at all times, and there's no way for him to turn that off. And maybe if you got him a pair of cleats instead of flip-flops he could tear it up. But Lynch is a guy definitely built best to play football.


And if you watch some training videos of Lynch this offseason, it's no wonder why he mows down opposing tacklers in the NFL. The guy is on the beach training in sweatpants and construction boots this summer, and you wonder why some gangly cornerback can't bring him down in the open field? Please.

We're happy to have you dominating on the gridiron, Marshawn. Just make sure you're not showing the same level of defiance to NFL officials, because you might get in a little bit of trouble if you start tossing their flags back at them.