On the court, LeBron James has always been an amalgam of many things. He is a brute with a feathery touch. He is a bulldozer that seeks out space. He is both a general and a one-man army.

Off the court, that same description applies. LeBron is a philanthropist. He’s an NBA historian with the ability to recall almost any singular play of his career at the snap of a finger. But above all, LeBron James is calculated, pushing his agenda of the moment forward with the crisp execution of a Russian propaganda agent.

As LeBron reaches the apex of his decorated NBA career, rarely does the man say or do anything without a deeper meaning lurking beneath the surface. Whether it’s a tweet, a T-shirt, or a postgame quote, LeBron gives new meaning to the phrase “there’s levels to this.” As he enters his 15th season of professional hoops, we take a look at how LeBron James became the king of subliminal messaging with some of his best moments.