For as much scrutiny as they've been under over the last few months, everything is looking up for the Ball family at the moment. Lonzo Ball showed out at the Las Vegas Summer League—even if the shooting numbers are pretty gross—and the No. 2 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft has Laker fans crawling back out of the woodwork. It even sounds like LaVar Ball and Big Baller Brand are attempting to provoke a bidding war amongst major sneaker companies, much to the chagrin of critics.

That means haters of the Ball clan have little ammunition to unload these days. But just when things looked the brightest for the Ball clan, the youngest son emerged to leave detractors with something to cling to. LaMelo Ball was playing in a summer basketball tournament when his ambitions got the best of him, and he offered up one of the worst dunk attempts you'll ever see.

Laker fans were happy to talk trash in the wake of Lonzo's success, and the peanut gallery was equally happy to laugh at LaMelo's misfortune once the video went viral.

Before we bury LaMelo's basketball career entirely, he's only 15 years old, and missing the occasional dunk isn't the worst thing in the world. Hell, I'm 6'3", and I have dunked in an actual game maybe five times in my entire life—and that number is probably high compared to a lot of the people roasting this kid.

That said, Ball had himself quite an interesting weekend on the hardwood. He dropped 50 points in a game during the same showcase, but it took him 56 shots to get there, and the Big Baller's AAU team took a 10-point L in the process. The youngest Ball certainly proved he's going to get his shots off, as we've already seen in hilarious montages.

Until LaVar Ball's next public gaffe or Lonzo's first tough regular season game, Ball haters will have to hold onto this. Savor it while you can, if that's your sort of thing.