Earlier this week, a USA Today report indicated that LeBron James has been frustrated with the way things have gone for the Cavaliers so far this summer. While a bunch of teams around the league have improved through free agency, the Cavaliers have been surprisingly quiet when it has come to trying to improve their team. And when you couple that with the fact that LeBron is going to be a free agent next summer and could conceivably leave Cleveland to finish off his career elsewhere, it has left a lot of NBA fans confused as to which direction the Cavaliers are going to go moving forward.

Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving sounds like he’s just as confused as everyone else. On Tuesday night, Irving attended Sports Illustrated’s Fashionable 50 event in Los Angeles, and while he was walking the red carpet, SI asked Irving about the Cavaliers’ offseason and LeBron’s uncertain future with the team. And Irving acknowledged that it’s a strange time for the Cavaliers right now.

"We’re in a peculiar place," Irving said. "The best thing we can do is handle things with class and professionalism. Obviously, we have a great owner that’s willing to spend a little money on guys that he believes in. At this point, we just see what happens throughout the summer."

It’s worth noting that, while LeBron’s impending free agency has been a big source of discussion this summer, Irving could also be a free agent after the 2018-19 NBA season. And that means that his days with the Cavaliers could also be numbered, especially if LeBron skips town next summer and the Cavaliers don’t have a clear plan in place for the future.

The good news for Cavaliers fans is that, despite the "peculiar" summer they’ve had thus far, they’re still going to have a great chance to make yet another run to the NBA Finals next season. But beyond that? No one seems to know what the future might hold for the team. Not even the guy who could become the face of the franchise if and when LeBron decides to leave.