Athletes aren’t alone in inking new deals and planning their professional futures this summer. Execs, coaches, and player personnel guys are doing the same off the court. For every plum gig like Steph Curry’s shooting coach or the stability of Steelers head coach, another unlucky jobseeker will wind up in professional hell.

A litany of high-level jobs are tainted by the internal climate they exist in. Imagine being Tiger Woods’ swing coach between 1996 and 2008. Now envision getting a call to help rebuild his violent swing between 2008 and 2017. Five years ago, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Clippers might as well have operated in Chernobyl. An infusion of competency in the form of Magic Johnson and Steve Ballmer, respectively, transformed these organizations back into desirable hotspots. However, the landscape of professional sports is filled with career sinkholes. This is a guide to the worst of the worst; 2017’s most toxic positions in pro sports.