Back in late April, less than two weeks after a report emerged about how Carmelo and La La Anthony had separated due to alleged infidelity on the part of the Knicks superstar, another report came out that indicated Carmelo was doing whatever he could think of to save his marriage. From texting La La non-stop to asking La La to go on vacation with him, Carmelo was apparently going all out to try and get La La to take him back.

It’s been more than three months now since that report came out, but it looks like Carmelo is still trying to convince La La to come back to him. The speculation surrounding their relationship has died down a bit in recent weeks, but on Sunday, Carmelo took to Twitter and Instagram to post the same photo of La La—a photo she put up in late June—along with three emojis that seem to suggest he wants her back in his life:

Since his split with La La became public knowledge, Carmelo hasn’t posted much on social media. But he has spent plenty of time trying to win back his wife through his social media activity.

In late April, Carmelo liked a photo of La La wearing a stunning white dress on Instagram:

Carmelo Anthony likes La La's Instagram photo in April 2017.
Image via Instagram

He followed that up by liking a photo of La La getting ready to go to the Met Gala in early May:

About a week later, he responded to a photo that La La put up of her and the couple’s 10-year-old son by writing, "Love yall":

Carmelo Anthony comments on La La's Instagram photo in May 2017.
Image via Instagram

And in late June, he gushed over La La in a post he put up to celebrate her 38th birthday:

Plenty of people have taken notice of Carmelo’s sudden interest in La La’s social media posts, too. Since April, they have repeatedly pointed out that Carmelo has been a lot more active on her social media accounts in light of their marital issues:

But regardless of what people might say about what he’s doing, Carmelo clearly isn’t going to let go of La La without putting up a fight. La La, meanwhile, has gone into overdrive when it's come to posting on social media and shown that she’s going to be just fine—with or without Carmelo. She hasn’t been shy about posting photos of herself early and often on Instagram, and in just about all of them, she looks like she’s glowing in the aftermath of her split from her husband.

And as she told Wendy Williams during a TV interview in late June, she’s also well aware of the fact that Carmelo wants her back. "Why wouldn’t he?" she asked Wendy during their sit-down, which prompted wild applause for Wendy’s audience.

At this point, Carmelo and La La haven't officially gotten back together. But it also doesn’t sound like they’re in any rush to make their breakup permanent, either. So we wouldn’t count on Carmelo scaling back his likes and comments on La La’s pictures anytime soon. As long as there’s still a chance for reconciliation, Carmelo is going to keep lurking on La La’s social media accounts.