Floyd Mayweather doesn’t need to make another dollar in his life to live comfortably. Hell, at this point, his kids’ kids’ kids’ kids’ kids are probably set to live life as lavishly as they want to without worrying about a thing.

But Mayweather is determined to keep the money rolling in, which is why he has agreed to fight Conor McGregor in August. He stands to make more than $100 million for the fight, and that figure could grow exponentially depending on ticket sales, pay-per-view numbers, and all of the other financial aspects of the superfight.


And that’s not all Mayweather is doing to generate income this summer. He’s talked extensively about the real estate portfolio that he manages, and it sounds like he’s even going as far as to rent out his Las Vegas gym and his own personal trainers for what he’s calling "The Mayweather Experience." Mayweather himself doesn’t take part in the experience, but for about $650 a pop, he’s offering his fans the opportunity to visit his gym so that they can go through one of his legendary workouts.

During their time in the gym, fans will have their hands wrapped by the same people who wrap Mayweather’s hands before his workouts. They will get to step into the same ring that Mayweather uses when he trains. And some of them will even get to throw punches with Floyd Mayweather Sr. Each training session lasts for two hours, and it looks intense:

Paying more than $600 to work out might seem like a lot, but if you’re a Mayweather fan, it might turn out to be a steal. There’s a chance Mayweather could show up at the gym if he’s in town, which means you might get to see him while you’re working out. And by comparison, $600 is nothing when you consider how much you’d have to shell out for the chance to see Mayweather fight McGregor.

At the moment, tickets for nosebleeds seats to the fight will cost you more than $2,500, according to Bloody Elbow, and ringside seats have already climbed as high as $100,000 on some ticket reselling sites. So if you want to get the next best thing to attending the fight, attending "The Mayweather Experience" might be the move. And hey, there are worse ways to spend six bills in Vegas, right?