There's no doubt that Conor McGregor has proven his fight with Floyd Mayweather will be must-see TV on Aug. 26. Portions of the press conferences leading up to the match have gotten ugly at times, further building the hype. Based on social media reactions, it sounds like everyone is going to be tuned in. That will help McGregor earn a lot of money, regardless of whether or not he actually wins.

But it doesn’t sound like McGregor’s preparations for the actual fight are going all that well. A couple weeks ago, people compared training videos of him and Mayweather, predicting that McGregor has absolutely no chance to beat the 49-0 boxer. Over the weekend, confidence in McGregor was further shaken, as boxer Jessie Vargas revealed he heard McGregor got knocked out recently by a sparring partner while training for the Mayweather fight.

We should point out that Vargas didn’t really have much proof of McGregor getting knocked out. He simply mentioned that the boxing world is small and that he heard McGregor was having a tough time.

But it’s not hard to imagine him getting knocked out. McGregor’s ex-sparring partner Chris van Heerden did an interview with TMZ Sports in June and revealed that he didn’t have any trouble tagging McGregor up in the ring. He also said McGregor doesn’t have a chance against Mayweather.


"I read all these posts where people say Mayweather’s gonna have his hands full landing on Conor because of Conor’s skill and footwork and movement," van Heerden said. "I’m no Mayweather and—out of camp, out of shape—I landed [punches] on Conor McGregor at will."

McGregor may be talking a big game right now, but those in the industry still sound very skeptical about his chances of giving Mayweather a real run for his money. You can hear what Mayweather had to say about the knockout allegations here.