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This week, we discuss LeBron James as he comes off another disappointing NBA Finals loss. After leading the Cavaliers to their third straight NBA Finals appearance, and coming off of last year's amazing comeback against the Warriors, LeBron couldn't lead his crew past Golden State. Despite averaging a triple-double and becoming the first player in NBA history to lead a playoff series in points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals, LeBron had nothing to show for a truly historic performance. But does the fact that LeBron is now 3-5 in the NBA Finals tarnish his legacy? 

And what about Lil B? Is the rapper famous for cursing people the reason the Cavs lost 4-1 in the Finals and Kevin Durant was named NBA Finals MVP? And, most pressing of all, we question whether LeBron, at age 32, has peaked. 

Find out who has the hottest take (or is it takedown?) on our first episode of Square Up.