Vegas odds enrich sports storylines. They add color and clarity to each narrative, letting us in on which team the general public favors and how greatly the public favors that squad: Is one team the clear favorite? Is the line gray?

In the case of this year’s NBA Finals, basketball fans are not torn. Though the Cavaliers beat the Warriors last year, Golden State is the decided favorite to claim the title.

In layman’s terms: The Warriors have a 68.75 percent chance of winning, according to bettors.

We all know this makes sense. They were 16 wins better than the Cavs this season. They’re the 2K squad; they have perhaps the most talented starting lineup in NBA history. Steph, Klay, KD, and Draymond should end up hoisting the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

But, as sports fans have seen time and time again, the better team on paper doesn’t always come out victorious, and you may talk yourself into betting on the Cavs. They did it last year...they won on Christmas Day...this is a career-defining moment for LeBron...Steve Kerr is out.

If you listen to that voice, you’ll lose your money. Here are five reasons Golden State is going to win this series.