On Monday afternoon, former MMA fighter War Machine received a sentence of 36 years to life for the brutal beating of former girlfriend Christy Mack, which took place in 2014. 

A few months ago he was found guilty on an abundance of charges, 29 in total, including kidnapping, battery by strangulation, coercion, and sexual assault, among others. A hung jury prevented a conviction on a pair of charges for attempted murder.

According to TMZ, War Machine will not be eligible for parole for another 36 years. That means, best case scenario, he won't get out of prison until he's 71 years old.

At Monday's sentencing the defendant spoke, where he compared himself to Aaron Hernandez, and added that he hates himself for doing what he did. He also brought up his own suicide attempt, which occurred shortly after his imprisonment in 2014.

On Aug. 8, 2014, he assaulted Mack and a man who was with her at her Las Vegas home. The damage that he inflicted on her included 18 broken bones, missing teeth, and a ruptured liver. She also claims that he attempted to rape her.

TMZ added that, during Monday's sentencing, Mack told the court, "I do know that when he gets out he will kill me."