The University of North Carolina is known for its basketball program, but the athletic department has done a good job in recent years to establish its football program. In 2015, the Tar Heels made it to the ACC Championship Game (they narrowly lost to Clemson), and they had the No. 2 pick in this April’s NFL Draft (quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, whom the Bears traded up to select).

A big reason for UNC football’s success is head coach Larry Fedora, who has a 40-24 record in his five seasons at the helm. And perhaps one reason Fedora has been so successful: his ability to stay hip.

Fedora poked fun at himself in a new “recruiting” video from Carolina Football.

“One of the toughest things about recruiting these days is being relatable to these young kids these days, so I’m lucky because I’ve got a great group of guys that keep me up to date and keep me hip,” Fedora says.

He goes on to reference Migos, fidget spinners, Drake, 2 Chainz, Kevin Durant, and more.

“Raindrop, droptop, we got the J’s you can cop, cop,” Fedora says, alluding to the teams merch deal with Jordan Brand. The ceiling is the roof.

Is Fedora’s video hilarious or trying too hard? You be the judge. But we think recruits will appreciate the effort.

Next steps for Fedora: get on stage with Migos, then tweet out your top five Drake tracks.

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