Lou Williams was a finalist for the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year award, and he had an excellent season with the Rockets. Williams, however, was a part of this week's Chris Paul trade—he was perhaps the most valuable piece the Rockets surrendered to acquire Paul.

During this offseason, Lou Will has been especially outspoken on Twitter. He told his followers he wasn't surprised by the trade and had known it was in the works for weeks.

Thursday, he took to Twitter to call out journalists for having loud opinions despite their lack of athletic ability.

A bad argument from Fox's Chris Broussard seems to be the fuel for Williams' comment.

As you'd expect, Williams got a little heat for it.

He also heard from many journalists who claim they have athletic ability...or at least they used to. Most of the journalists made light of their athletic careers.

Later, Lou did seem to at least slightly regret his verbiage choice of "nerd."

Whether you agree with Williams' point or not, he's not the only athlete that feels this way. He may not have stated his perspective that eloquently, but many athletes don't respect journalists whom they consider lifelong armchair quarterbacks. The journalists' perspective is valid, of course—but that doesn't mean the athletes will respect it.

Lou had a good spirit throughout the conversation, though, as it never turned confrontational or accusatory. He even accepted one journalist's challenge to a game of H-O-R-S-E.

That seems like the best way to resolve this.