Legendary skater Paul Rodriguez stars in a new UNINTERRUPTED series named "Can I Hang?" Airing exclusively on go90, the show follows Rodriguez as he trains with athletes to see if he has what it takes to keep up with them. In the first episode Rodriguez goes through a training session with newly drafted Cleveland Brown, Jabrill Peppers.

Peppers, who spent three seasons at the University of Michigan, is known for his versatility on the field (finished 5th in Heisman voting this past college football season) and his dominance in the weight room. It's no easy task for P-Rod, who has to go through on-field activities, weight room training, and a dreaded ice bath session. Rodriguez might have what it takes to hang with a NFL first-rounder, but you can check out the full episode of Can I Hang? right here and decide for yourself. New episodes of the series debut every Monday on go90