The key to success for the Golden State Warriors is not exactly hard to pinpoint, even for a casual basketball fan. When you have two of the best five players in the NBA and arguably four of the best 20, it's going to be hard for other teams to beat you on the hardwood.

But down the stretch of the NBA season, a surprise contributor emerged for Golden State in the form of a toaster. No, that isn't a typo—the turning point for their best stretch of the year coincided with a story about an autographed toaster.

As the story goes, a fan named Ronnie Reyes approached Warriors wing Klay Thompson and asked him to sign a piece of memorabilia. But this wasn't just any piece of memorabilia, like a jersey or a picture, and Reyes quickly became the first (or at least the most viral) owner of a toaster signed by an NBA player. When he shared the story and some hilarious pictures on the NBA subreddit, Reyes quickly became an internet legend.

klay thompson staring at a toaster
Image via Reddit

Though the Warriors weren't exactly floundering prior to the toaster signing, the team took off from there, with their post-toast record becoming one of the funniest subplots of the NBA season and a constant topic on fan boards like r/NBA. Golden State closed the season on a 31-2 run after the toaster moment, eventually winning the NBA title.

Now that fan has a chance to party with the team. Reyes took to Twitter to share with his followers that he was personally invited to the Warriors victory parade by Klay Thompson, quite a turn of events for a guy who was just looking for an autograph a few months ago.

And though the Warriors have achieved just about everything they possibly could this season, Reyes still appears interested in keeping the mojo going, because the toaster is coming with him.

A wacky tale like this becoming a big part of the Warriors' season is exactly why people love the NBA, and even if the origin story will be hard to explain to his grandkids, Reyes now has a fandom story he can retell for the rest of his days. 

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