According to some sports fans, Justin Bieber is that guy:

You know that guy, right? The guy who doesn’t seem to have a favorite sports team and just wears the jersey of whatever team is good at the moment. On the NBA side of things, Biebs has been spotted in everything from Lakers and Heat gear to Cavaliers and Warriors gear over the course of the last few years. On the NHL side, he’s worn everything from Flyers and Rangers gear to Capitals and Maple Leafs gear. And the list goes on and on. If a team gets hot, Biebs seems to have a shirt, jersey, or hat to throw on. It’s why so many sports fans believe he’s nothing more than a bandwagon fan:

Most recently, Biebs was spotted on Instagram wearing a Penguins jersey to show his support for the team as they take on the Predators in the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals. As usual, he got crushed for doing it:

And on Monday night, he responded to those sports fans who criticize him for wearing so many different sports jerseys on Twitter. He said he supports "all sports" and that he’ll wear whatever jersey he wants. He did say that the Maple Leafs are his favorite team over all other teams—which, by the way, is why so many people think it’s weird to see him in other NHL jerseys—but he mentioned that he enjoys sports so much that he’ll cheer for "any team" he wants to. Here are the tweets he sent out:

This probably won’t stop sports fans from killing Bieber for wearing so many different jerseys. It’s also not going to stop people from speculating about the so-called Bieber Curse, especially since it seems like the Penguins might be dealing with the effects of it right now:

But hey, at least Biebs is honest about why he wears so many sports jerseys. Now can we get an explanation from Drake?