Dropping sports references into rap lyrics is as old as hip-hop itself. Things have come a long way since the rudimentary rhymes on Kurtis Blow's "Basketball," but rappers are happy to tell you they're the "Mike Jordan of recording" or Steph Curry with the shot, boy.

The New York Jets—one of the most historically dysfunctional franchises in American sports—aren't exactly ripe for comparisons, unless you want to tell your adoring fans that you have a history of taking Ls. But that didn't stop Rihanna from reaching deep into the team's history on DJ Khaled's new single, "Wild Thoughts," busting out a shout out to the 1968 Jets, the team that famously pulled off a Super Bowl upset of the Colts following Joe Namath's guarantee of a victory.

"Kitty, kitty, baby, give that thing some rest/'Cause you done beat it like the '68 Jets," has to be one of most unexpected sports analogies in music history, and Jets fans reacted appropriately following the shout out from Rihanna. They lost their damn minds:

The real question is how far back does Rihanna's sports knowledge go? Does she have strong opinions on where Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ranks in NBA history? Does she think Steve Bartman is to blame for the Cubs' collapse in 2003? We need to know just how much of a sports fan Rihanna is, though we already know she's a huge fan of LeBron James.


As a fan of Philadelphia's sports teams, I am extremely here for Jets fans taking solace in this small life victory. For most of us, picking a team is an endless cycle of dealing with pain and suffering, so if one of the biggest pop stars in the world wants to make it cool to root for that team, take it and run with it.