Jamie Foxx was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night, and during his appearance on the show, Jimmy Kimmel asked Foxx—who admitted to being a guy who cries a lot—if he’s ever cried over the outcome of a sporting event. Foxx said he has.

"Hell yeah," Foxx said. "I cried last year when LeBron won the championship."

Foxx then followed that up by showing off the LeBron James impression that he has perfected over the years. He mimicked LeBron’s classic "The Silencer" celebration as Kimmel and crowd cracked up over it.


Foxx also talked about the relationship he has with LeBron, which seems to be a little bit one-sided. Foxx suggested the two used to be close before "something happened" and changed that.

"I’m a LeBron fan," he said. "He doesn’t know how close I am to him. Something happened. Something happened. I’m still trying to figure out what happened between us. When he first got into the league and I was doing the ESPYs and we had a connection. And then something—I think it was the commercial I did with Steph Curry that…"

"Oh, that drove a wedge between you?" Kimmel asked.

"I think," Foxx said. "I don’t know. I can’t explain it. I don’t get that heat. Sometimes I see him and I’ll be like, 'LB! Alright, alright.' He doesn’t give me that real…"

"And you’re silently weeping on his behalf," Kimmel said.

"I am," Foxx said. "I just need that connection."


Foxx went on to say that he’s actually a Mavericks fan but that he doesn’t have any problem rooting for—and weeping for—LeBron despite his connection to Dallas. It might explain why he was all too happy to take a shot at Kobe Bryant during an appearance on ESPN earlier this year.


You can check out Foxx's entire interview with Kimmel in the clip above. You can can also check out a clip of Foxx singing a song to try and cheer up Cavaliers fans below: