The rate at which we now create our online heroes, villains, memes and musical stars, in truth, can no longer be seen as a thing of wonder and novelty, but rather an accepted parcel of immediate global connections we’ve built up across media over the last decade. Ten years removed from Soulja Boy's viral hit "Crank Dat", Brooklyn native Desiigner stands as the biggest recipient of the overnight explosion the internet affords those lucky enough to make the right connection, at the right moment. 
Powered by priceless placement on Kanye West's eighth solo album, The Life Of Pablo, you'd be hard pressed to think of a better introductory platform for a new rapper, and Designer's "Panda" shot to No.1 in a matter of weeks. From then on, it hasn't always been plain sailing. Hailing from the same Borough as NY rap luminaries Jay-Z and The Notorious B.I.G., his emergence was met with derision in some quarters—chastised as not only carrying a sound foreign to his locale but in some regards, ripping off elements of southern rappers, with Future the name most commonly connected. Failure to drop an album in this time frame also appears a stumbling block and the lukewarm reception to last year's New English mixtape suggested Desiigner's time at the top may well have already struck out.

But what separates Desiigner from those in the same bracket is his apparent outlook on his circumstance, music and life on the whole. Carrying endless bounds of energy and infectious charisma, Desiigner's disposition is one of a young man all too aware of his luck and intent on riding the wave to even greater heights. It's through his positivity that Desiigner manages to evade criticism and pushes in his chosen direction. In his recent interview with Canadian veteran NardwuarDesiigner effortlessly manages to out-oddball the most eccentric journo in the game—​this signals where his staying power resides. The irony is that a rapper initially labelled a copy has carved out a lane for himself.

Ahead of Desiigner's arrival in London to headline a show unveiling adidas Football's Nemeziz drop—​and just weeks before he unveiled a music video with Paul Pogba—​we caught up with Desiigner over the phone, where he explained what it was like to live the "Life Of Desiigner" in his own unique blend of New English.