Every NBA team has at least one regret in their draft history—some obviously more than others. Fans love to complain about how their team “could have had that guy” or that they “shouldn’t have drafted this guy.” Hindsight is especially 20-20 when it comes to the NBA Draft.

Some of these pass-ups serve as mere footnotes in the history of otherwise-successful franchises, whereas others serve as glaring, painful reminders of what could have been for fans who rarely if ever see their team win. What if the Pistons took Dwyane Wade instead of Darko Milicic? What if the Blazers took Kevin Durant instead of Greg Oden?

These are just a few examples of how much one selection—or in these cases, non-selections—can change the course of NBA history for decades. There will probably be at least one such non-selection on Thursday night, especially with a draft as loaded with talent as this one. So just for kicks, Complex is going to look into an alternate reality: a reality in which your team made the right choice. One do-over for all 30 teams. The do-overs included only players who feasibly could have been drafted at their respective pick. Obviously, nobody would have drafted Isaiah Thomas in the first round in 2011—even the Kings waited until the last overall selection to take him. Also, no player was used more than once in this list (with one exception; you’ll see why later). So with that said, here’s one draft do-over for every NBA team since 2000.