In the inaugural Courtside Crews, we went to Madison Square Garden with Fat Joe and a trio of his closest friends to watch a New York Knicks game. Now we’re heading south to sit courtside at the Toyota Center with rap icon and distinguished lecturer Bun B to catch a Houston Rockets game from courtside.

Instead of coming with three friends in tow, Bun B brought along a sole buddy, Anzel, to play pool and watch the home team bop the T’Wolves in an appetizer before the postseason.

Wearing the exact same sneakers that Fat Joe was in ep. 1, Bun talked to us about why Houston’s the best city to watch a game in, what type of reception he gets from his fellow Rockets fans, how sitting courtside is akin to squatting at ground level for the Running of the Bulls in Spain, and what were his, and Anzel’s, favorite memories at the soon to be 14-year-old Rockets home arena (shout out to the late 2004 version of Tracy McGrady).

Through it all you can tell that Bun is on the team’s bandwagon, whether they stink, are great, or (third option) are very solid but find themselves stuck under a ceiling because they’re in the same conference as the Curry/Green/Thompson and KD Warriors for the time being.

Still, it’s important to have perspective here. As we showed in episode one, it could always be worse. And besides, it’s dope to have the money to sit courtside along with a buddy. Even if they lose, that's not exactly a bad day. It certainly beats watching the same loss on TV.