Two years ago, we told you how it was more fun to be a Mets fan than a Yankees fan.

Well, things have changed in the Big Apple. 

Sure, a new Quinnipiac Poll says there are now more Mets fans than Yankees fan in New York City, due in large part to the Mets' recent run of playoff appearances while the Yankees have played in just one postseason game in the last four years. Regardless of whatever crazy numbers the people up at Quinnipiac came up with, we think Yankees fans are having a whole lot more fun one month into the 2017 season than their Queens counterparts. 

The Yankees are young, they're decidedly underdogs for a change, and aren't dropping like flies the way the Mets are. They're playing above their expectations, hitting the cover off the ball, and restoring Yankee fans' faith that the quest for title No. 28 isn't four or five years away—it starts right now since the Bronx Bombers have one of the best records in baseball. 

But there are plenty of other reasons why we felt we needed to revisit our list and switch things up. So dig into the six reasons why being a Yankees fan is way more fun right now than being a Mets fan.