This what we all wanted, right? 

The two best teams in the Western Conference. Seven games (if necessary) to figure who meets the Cavs—because it's going to be the Cavs in the East, right?. One squad loaded with superstar snipers while the other seemingly always finds a way to win despite the cards being stacked against it. 

Spurs-Warriors promises to be an entertaining and intriguing series and there are a ton of storylines to tackle before the two teams tip Sunday. What's the deal with Kawhi Leonard and how effective can the Spurs' best player be with a bum ankle? Will Mike Brown, filling in for Steve Kerr, screw things up against Gregg Popovich? Will fans get burned by underestimating the Spurs yet again, just like so many of us did in their series against the Rockets? Is San Antonio too old and too slow to make this a competitive series? Does Kevin Durant need to exorcize some demons? And why is it so easy to root like hell against the Warriors?

The basketball should be intense, and hopefully the scores will be close—you know, unlike the majority of this postseason. So before you sit down on the couch Sunday while chilling at mom's (friendly reminder: it's Mother's Day) pick through our Western Conference Finals preview to get your mind right.