No matter where you come from, you've probably played a round or two of knockout at some point in your life. It's a basketball mini-game you can play even with limited space, and it's one of the few games where lesser skilled players have a chance to pull off an upset.

Even an NBA player has to sweat it out while playing knockout, as you can see in the video posted by Migos up top. Members of the group engaged in a knockout battle with Chance The Rapper, Reese, and Indiana Pacers big man Myles Turner, and the Atlanta trio more than held their own against the star-studded competition. 

Although Turner has the NBA credentials, Quavo looked like the star of the show in the videos that are available of the matchup. Turner narrowly avoids getting knocked out by Quavo with a quick dunk, which shows it always pays off to be seven feet tall in any sort of basketball competition. 

Further video of the event shows the two continued to go at it after Chance and Offset were eliminated:

The footage of a loss may not exist, but Turner admitted he took at least one L during the competition, and shared video of he and Quavo engaged in another shooting competition:

They say every rapper wants to be a baller and every baller wants to be a rapper, and Quavo is one of the few guys who has shown an ability to pull off both. Back in April, he showed off the QB skills he previously honed at Berkmar High School:

The rest of the participants were a little lacking—that air-ball was rough, Chance—but Quavo at the very least showed he can hang. He might be a little small to cut it at the pro level, but we need to see more of Quavo matched up with professionals. 

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