There are plenty of opposing NBA fans who hate LeBron James. But no one hates him more than Raptors fans right now:

And can you blame them? LeBron just led the Cavaliers to a 4-0 sweep of Toronto in their best-of-seven playoff series, and he did a little bit of everything during it. He averaged 36.0 points, 8.3 rebounds, and 5.3 assists during Cleveland’s domination of the Raptors. He also clowned the Raptors by pretending to sip on a beer during Game 1 of the series:

And during Game 4, he straight up roasted some guy for wearing dress shoes while he watched the Raptors lose 109-102 from a courtside seat that probably cost him many thousands of dollars:

"You mad or nah?" LeBron asked the guy. "You should be mad at the shoes you picked out today."

Mad? Yeah, mad probably doesn’t even begin to describe it. What LeBron did to the Raptors—and their fans—over the last couple weeks was just disrespectful.

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