LeBron James had a tough time against the Celtics in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Sunday night. He only scored 11 points during the game—and didn’t score a single point in the fourth quarter—as the Celtics overcame what was a 21-point deficit at one point to win 111-108 on a buzzer beater from Avery Bradley. It was LeBron's lowest point total in 107 career home playoff games, according to ESPN, and it was just the second time in LeBron’s playoff career that he was held scoreless for an entire fourth quarter.


Needless to say, LeBron was frustrated while speaking with reporters during his post-game press conference. He was asked to explain what happened, and he responded by saying he had "a tough game, period."

"Me personally, I didn’t have it," he said. "My teammates did a great job of keeping us in the game, building that lead. But me personally, I didn’t have it. That’s all I’ve got to say about my performance."

And a short time later, LeBron took his frustrations out on Kenny Roda, who works for Cleveland radio station WHBC. Roda asked LeBron about his poor performance during the game, and LeBron responded by asking Roda why he only comes around to ask questions to him after Cavaliers’ losses.

"I was just pretty poor," LeBron said. "What else do you want me to say? It seems like you only ask questions when we lose…You always come around when we lose, I swear."

LeBron also reportedly shot Roda a look when his press conference was over:

Roda responded on Twitter by pointing out that he has been to four of the five Cavaliers’ home playoff games this season:

It wasn’t the only example of LeBron showing off his frustration following the game, either. According to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, LeBron was also involved in a tense altercation with a fan on his way to his post-game press conference. The fan apparently heckled LeBron for only scoring 11 points, which prompted LeBron to yell "What did you do?" in his direction. The fan responded by shouting back about how he had played basketball at a local college called Hiram College before he was whisked away by security guards.

Despite the loss on Sunday night, the Cavaliers still have a 2-1 lead over the Celtics in the ECF and will look to move one step closer to the NBA Finals when they return to court for Game 4 in the Cleveland. It’s hard to imagine LeBron playing as poorly as he did in Game 3 when that game takes place.