On Wednesday a man in Nashville filed a lawsuit against a pair of Tennessee Titans players following a violent incident that he alleges took place outside of a local bar on the opening night of this year's NFL Draft.

That man, Dante Satterfield, says he was out with wide receiver Tajae Sharpe and offensive lineman Sebastian Tretola, and that their conversation turned to the Titans's fifth overall pick, which happened to be Western Michigan wide receiver Corey Davis.

According to the lawsuit, all three men were aware that Sharpe wasn't happy with the team's choice. Satterfield says that the conversation got heated after he mentioned to Sharpe that the team's newest addition would mean that he would be getting less playing time. After midnight, Satterfield says the two men invited him outside. In his suit he says he thought "the group was headed outside for lawful purposes." Instead he claims that Sharpe beat the hell out of him (to the point of unconsciousness) while Tretola kept a look-out.

Satterfield claims he was discovered by a passerby who then called for an ambulance.

His lawsuit says he sustained massive facial bruising, a perforated eardrum, broken facial bones, suffered a concussion, and sustained other injuries. According to Nashville's local FOX affiliate, FOX 17, he is seeking $500,000 for "damages based on allegations of assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and civil conspiracy."

Sharpe's agent, Blaine Roche, has denied the claims. "The claims are false and ridiculous," he said. "Unfortunately this is a classic shakedown attempt. Tajae categorically denies any involvement whatsoever and looks forward to vindicating his name and focusing on what matters most - football."

The Titans are reportedly aware of the litigation.

You can read the lawsuit in its entirety below: