Even though Floyd Mayweather is clearly still focused on his potential fight with Conor McGregor, as evidenced by the interview he did with the paparazzi outside of a club in Los Angeles this week, the fight is still a long way from being official. Neither Mayweather nor McGregor has agreed to the terms of the fight, and there’s a strong chance that we won’t ever get to see the two men get into the boxing ring together, in spite of all the rumors that have circulated about the fight in recent months.

But don’t tell that to the sports bettors who are jumping all over the fight at Las Vegas sportsbooks. According to a new ESPN.com report, the Westgate SuperBook in Vegas started offering odds on the fight back in February. The sportsbook initially made Mayweather a gigantic -2,500 favorite and McGregor a +1,100 underdog. Since then, the odds have fluctuated a lot—Mayweather is now -900 and McGregor is +700 at the SuperBook—but the uncertainty surrounding the fight isn’t stopping some people from putting money up on it at the SuperBook and other sportsbooks that are now accepting bets on the fight.

The SuperBook claims it has taken more than $10,000 worth of bets on the fight so far, and since Mayweather is such a big favorite (for those unfamiliar with sports betting, it would take a $900 bet on Mayweather as a -900 favorite to win $100), many of the bets that have been placed have been put on McGregor. The largest one at the SuperBook so far is a $1,500 bet someone put on McGregor with +800 odds (that bet would net $12,000 if McGregor beat Mayweather).


There are a few stipulations that sportsbooks have placed on the fight. In order for bets to count, the fight must be a boxing match and it must take place by May 13, 2018. But outside of that, bettors are free to pick whoever they think will win the fight. And it might not be a bad idea to get your bets in now if you’re going to do it, since the odds could change dramatically if and when the fight is finalized.

We should point out that all of this is not an indicator that Mayweather and McGregor are close to agreeing to a fight. But if nothing else, it provides yet another interesting wrinkle in the seemingly never-ending saga surrounding Mayweather and McGregor’s feud.

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