Kano has delivered a rousing tribute to Anthony Joshua in the wake of his already-legendary victory over Wladimir Klitschko last weekend.

The iconic London MC wrote and performed the inspirational tribute for Under Armour, who are the official training, footwear and apparel partner for the king of heavyweight boxing, Anthony Joshua.

In keeping with AJ’s own indomitable mindset, the raw, inspirational spoken word tribute refers to the struggle, preparation and dedication in Joshua’s journey to the top, but crucially emphasises that Saturday night’s knockout triumph is only the beginning of the heavyweight champion’s reign and achievements.
Entitled ‘The Road to Greatness’ and filmed at the iconic Repton Boxing Club Kano finishes poignantly with a focus on ‘And still’, the two most important words to a defending boxing champion and indicative of AJ’s own ambition to be a generation-defining champion.

AJ's story is just starting.

[via Under Armour]