Going live as a reporter on national television must be incredibly stressful. It's a skill that can only be honed through years of practice and trial and error. As ESPN has recently laid off some of its best basketball reporters—people like Marc Stein and Andy Katz—it has put some familiar faces on NBA sidelines—people like Adam Schefter and Tom Rinaldi. It's even gotten some of its anchors, like Michael Eaves, out in the field.

But regardless of who you put there, and how many years of experience he or she may have, you never know what’s going to happen when you go live. Some crazy fan might run in front of the camera and yell something inappropriate. Or you might swallow a bug.

The latter is exactly what happened to Eaves. He was delivering a live report Wednesday before Game 2 of the Spurs-Rockets series when a bug savagely flew in his mouth. The moment he swallowed the bug wasn't all that noticeable, but his reaction certainly was.

“I’m literally choking on a bug,” Eaves said. “Can you believe that? National television. I’m choking on a bug.”

Eaves and ESPN anchor Lisa Kerney, who was communicating with him from the studio, both laughed during the incident, as Kerney told the “waterboys” that “my man Michael Eaves needs some water right now.”

Eaves and Kerney shared the moment on Twitter so the rest of us could enjoy the outtake.

They seemed to have a good perspective on the incident. What else can you do but laugh at something like that?

Game 4 of Rockets-Spurs takes place Sunday in Houston at 9 p.m. EST.

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