On Monday we learned that Antonio Cromartie's wife, Terricka, is pregnant. The news was made public after she posted the following pic/caption to her Instagram:

The yet to be born child will be Cromartie's 14th and, quite freaking amazingly, his fourth since he underwent a vasectomy. While some eagle-eyed IG readers noted that Terricka ended her post with the hash-tag #bowwowchallenge, which would seem to indicate that it's a hoax, TMZ is reporting that sources near the couple insist that the pregnancy is very real, and that she's due in about 15 weeks.


While it's only natural for one to wonder if there's a refund process for a vasectomy, this pregnancy would also appear to be notable because Terricka said she was getting her "tubes tied" after giving birth to surprise twins last year.

"After this set, I am definitely getting my tubes tied because I am just satisfied with my three," she said at the time. "These two are a blessing and I am getting a little bit older. So I don’t want to be carrying a baby anymore."

While several athletes have become (in)famous for fathering enough kids to field their own teams, Cromartie became especially notable after a Hard Knocks segment where he appeared to struggle to name all of his children. He reportedly pays $28,000 in monthly child support. However, he's reportedly made some $47 million in total, so hopefully he's got some dough put away.