Edmonton Oilers phenom, Connor McDavid, may already be the best player in the world but the 20-year-old is still adjusting to superstardom. You can’t blame the kid either, because McDavid is still exactly that: a kid. Heck, the NHL’s leading scorer is still a year away from being able to legally purchase a drink in the United States. All of this makes the Oilers captain that much more amazing, and even though his team was eliminated in the second round of the NHL playoffs on Wednesday, he’s still an incredibly busy dude.

McDavid’s regular season duties are now officially over, but life off the ice remains a point of focus for Canadian media when you’re the NHL’s biggest superstar. And when your face is recognized by just about everyone in the country, you’re going to have to pose with random fans every once in awhile. Sometimes, the results of these meet and greets are going to be a little bit awkward. McDavid found this out the hard way earlier in the week, after a glorious awkward photo was shared by thousands on Twitter.

Two excited hockey fans, Jimmy & Rosalina, encountered McJesus at Edmonton International Airport on Tuesday and were quick to get some pictures snapped with the aforementioned Art Ross Trophy winner. How quick was the experience? Well, if you take a peek at the photo in question, it almost looks like the sweet couple ambushed the Oilers captain right out of the gate.

Have you seen a more hilariously awkward photo in your life? Connor spoke with press following the photo’s viral recognition and he seems to share the sentiment. "That picture was a little bit weird," he told reporters. Yeah Connor, you don’t say? Despite its awkward cuteness, McDavid defied our expectations and continued the trend once again. See him tower over an ecstatic hockey fan and pass for a wax figure coming to life mid-photo.


Naturally, Twitter had a field day and produced some great spinoffs. The meme is still in its infancy, but it’s already becoming one of our favourites of 2017. Have a look at some of the best ones below.