Conor McGregor isn't exactly what you'd call shy. When he's not busy naming the fighter he's going to beat next, the Irish MMA Champion is making waves for his moves away from the octagon.

But even fans are questioning McGregor's attire of choice for the Grand National horse racing event in Liverpool, England on Saturday afternoon. As you can see in the video up top, McGregor rolled up to the yearly event in a Rolls Royce, decked out in flip-up shades and an unbuttoned Louis Vitton shirt.

According to their website, there's technically no dress code at Aintree Racecourse, the site of the Grand National, but McGregor stuck out like a sore thumb as soon as he arrived on the scene. More than a few people took notice and laughed about his absurd appearance in the center of a sea of people dressed in suits and fancy dresses:

Even the people around him weren't safe from the slander:

When you're the champ, you're allowed to do pretty much whatever you want, and it's doubtful anyone could stop McGregor from doing whatever he pleases even if he was knocked down a peg or two. He's confident he can stop Floyd Mayweather's reign of terror in the boxing ring, and he's bold enough to waltz into a fancy horse racing event looking like a frat boy taking on Vegas for the first time. He can't train 24 hours a day, so McGregor might as well have a good time when he has a moment to unbutton his shirt let his hair down.