Sports broadcaster, Don Cherry, has been an outspoken voice in Canadian media for decades now. The former NHL coach has hosted his iconic intermission segment on Hockey Night In Canada since the 1980s, and has frequently landed in hot water for an extremely old school perspective. He’s also caught flack for doing things like blindly supporting controversial Toronto mayor, Rob Ford, and for being borderline xenophobic. Despite these missteps, however, Don has become a hockey staple and even landed his own acclaimed biopic miniseries.

While he may put in honorable work for charities and even have some relevant hockey wisdom, the dude has become a bit of a caricature of himself. This fact is evidenced by a slew of excellent memes and parody videos, which we implore you to check out here and here. When the 83-year-old isn’t making news for being wacky, the Kingston native has also made waves by rocking the wildest suits on the planet. We’ve seen a number of hockey fashion fouls throughout the years, but Cherry’s latest attire might take the cake.

During last Saturday’s showing of Coach’s Corner, Don came out guns blazing and made a risky style move: wearing a white jacket splattered with bright red paint. The moment cameras rolled, whatever he and co-host Ron Maclean were chatting about was immediately lost in the loudness of Don’s incredible clothing. Naturally, Twitter went in on the crazy formal wear with many comparing it to a literal crime scene. You can get a taste of the online roast below, courtesy of the good folks on Twitter.

Don spoke to the Toronto Sun yesterday to defend his Dexter-like garb. “I am glad people are having fun with it and not taking it too seriously,” he told the Toronto paper. “I just thought it was a different kind of suit jacket that was neat and really didn’t think about it. But I see now that it was not the right choice.” As for where he found the piece? Cherry said that it was from “Germany or somewhere” and not from the set of CSI like many fans suspected. Thankfully for everyone involved, it doesn’t look like he’ll be wearing it again anytime soon. “I will never be wearing that jacket on Coach’s Corner again,” he told reporters.