Date: 5/14/2007
Teams: San Antonio Spurs vs. Phoenix Suns
Round: Game 4, Western Conference Semifinals
Winner: The Spurs
This series was the Suns' last chance at making folks believe their style of basketball would translate into a title. Robert Horry was having none of it. The grizzled vet checked Steve Nash into the scorer's table as if they were in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Horry and Raja Bell tried to grab each other, but the scuffle was diffused quickly. Boris Diaw and Amar'e took only a few steps off the bench to tend to Nash and were still suspended a game each. Robert Horry was suspended for two games and the Spurs went on the win the series in six games. The next year, Steve Kerr traded Shawn Marion for Shaq and spelled the end of "Seven Seconds or Less" in the desert.