Be careful what you wish for. Following Game 1 of the Indiana Pacers' first-round series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Paul George was forced to give the ball to teammate C.J. Miles after getting double-teamed, passing up on an opportunity at taking the final game-winning shot. Even though George made the smart basketball play, he was adamant that he should have been the last Pacers player with the rock in his hands. 

Fast forward to Game 4, George got exactly what he wished for and...yikes. 

And much like Pepperidge Farm, Twitter doesn't forget anything, and people were quick to remind George of that little statement he made earlier in the series.  

With the Pacers' season officially over, the focus is now on George's future. Will he be in an Indiana uniform next season? At this moment, PG isn't even thinking about all that. 

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