It turns out one person’s junk can indeed be another person’s treasure. This is very much the case for a lucky individual who came across an authentic Masters Tournament green jacket in Toronto, Ontario. While the buyer is remaining anonymous, we do know that the piece was purchased at a local thrift store for a measly $5 back in 1994. Fast-forward to today, and the incredible find has been auctioned off for a hefty sum of $139,349. For anyone keeping score, that’s a 2788680% markup which isn’t too shabby if we do say so ourselves. With that much bank, you could purchase roughly 27,870 vintage Masters jackets at $5 a pop, but good luck finding these one-of-a-kind steals.

The green jacket itself dates back to the early 1950s, making it one of the oldest iterations in existence. According to the auction house, many experts had a difficult time believing it was the real deal when the piece was first discovered hiding away in Toronto. It became even harder to confirm the golf jacket’s authenticity, as the name tag had been removed entirely before being sold to the thrift store. That means we’ll likely never know who won the thing 60 years ago. Regardless, the crazy story behind the green jacket might be the coolest part of its mysterious history.

This isn't the first time the vintage garment has made the news. Since its initial discovery back in the nineties, the green coat has graced the pages of Canadian newspapers and even landed on the cover of ​2007 Golf International, where it was worn by British model and race car driver, Jodie Kidd. You can read more about the incredible find and everything else about the jacket here.