Why would Nick Young ever try and test Gilbert Arenas? History has shown us that on more than one occasion, Arenas ends up getting the last laugh. When Young took a photo with Arenas's ex to get "even" after Agent Zero broke into Swaggy P's house to roast him about his recent break-up with Iggy Azalea, Gil posted a video on Snapchat where he added some very NSFW commentary as Nick spoke with Iggy on the phone, possibly trying to win her back. That didn't work out. 

Young recently tried to inexplicably stoke the flames again by sharing a video of his son playing basketball, suggesting that Arenas doesn't "want these problems." As expected, Gil shut down both members of the Young family, adding the hashtag #WeKnowHeTrash about his poor son. 

Why did Nick have to bring his son into the equation? Everyone knows that Arenas has earned that "Zero Chill Gil" nickname. Even though Young may be using this situation to teach his child that he shouldn't back down from anyone, there's another valuable lesson to learn here, and it's picking and choosing your battles. 

Literally no one is safe from Arenas's wrath. Just ask his own kids who found out on the radio that they would no longer be attending private school because Gil's NBA checks were running out. 


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