Unless you're a soon-to-be rookie dying to hear his name called, day three of the NFL Draft is not exactly exhilarating. For most fans, it's comprised of mostly thinking, Can we get this over with?

But fear not, Indianapolis Colts' fans: your team was here to keep you engaged. Rocky the orangutan saved the day.

That's right: the Colts had an actual ape from the Indianapolis Zoo announce their picks by using a touchscreen. What a glorious idea.

Mike Mayock, the respected draft analyst who was on set for NFL Network's coverage, was silent after the first pick, but he later voiced his disapproval for having an orangutan announce draft picks. He wanted people to Respect The Process.

"If we go back to the zoo, I'm walking off the desk," he said. "I've about had the zoo."

Then Mayock had an awkward back-and-forth with Rich Eisen as Eisen had to transition viewers back to the zoo.

But most of social media loved the ape, including Colts corner Vontae Davis.

Not to be outdone—although they were, nothing beats an orangutan—the Texans announced their pick from the International Space Station, where research is being conducted to help send people to Mars.

Something tells me this is just the beginning of the trend, and things are going to get really weird on day three of next year's draft.