Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez will be put to rest in a private ceremony on Monday, his family announced over the weekend. Reports regarding the service come after Hernandez was moved to the O'Brien Funeral Home in his hometown of Bristol, Connecticut on Saturday. 

Hernandez's death has been the subject of intense public interest, due to both his large profile and the nature of his death. But his loved ones have expressed a desire to grieve in private, and they released a statement through the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association to emphasize their wishes.

"The family of Aaron Hernandez wishes to thank all of you for the thoughtful expressions of condolences. We wish to say goodbye to Aaron in a private ceremony and thank everyone in advance for affording us a measure of privacy during this difficult time."

While his surviving family members wait to say goodbye to a loved one, details continue to leak on Hernandez's personal life.

As part of a Newsweek report focusing on the role of Hernandez's sexuality in the murder of Odin Lloyd, it was revealed Hernandez left three notes in his prison cell prior to committing suicide, addressed to the mother of his child, his daughter, and a close friend from prison. The close friend was later identified as Hernandez's prison boyfriend, according to law enforcement officials, and the report suggests the use of gay slurs toward Hernandez may have motivated the eventual murder of Lloyd that put him in jail to begin with.

There's no definitive proof of what caused Hernandez to murder his former friend. But with new, graphic reports reaching the public every day, the ability to keep Hernandez's ceremony private is one of the few barriers the family can put between the public and their loved one. 

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