You know that piece of shit family member who always lets you down no matter how many times you give them a chance? The Knicks are that family member for me. That was, until James Dolan came into my life in 1999, also known as the beginning of the end to us lifelong Knicks fans. Sometimes you stay in a relationship out of pure love, whether that pure love is healthy or toxic. The latter may have you staying for too long.

Let me explain how the heartbreak began. Jeff Van Gundy, burnt out from the new regime’s incompetence, quit 19 games into the 2002 season; a once proud franchise would win just one playoff series since then.

Isiah Thomas would come into the fold in 2003 as the president of basketball operations. He allegedly sexually harassed a co-worker (settled out of court), traded away draft picks, spent money like Donald Trump, and buried the Knicks into debt-ridden mediocrity for a decade. 

Isiah Thomas Pistons Lakers 2017 Auburn Hills
Image via USA Today Sports/Raj Mehta

But then the clouds started to part: We brought in veteran exec Donnie Walsh, signed A’mare (to a dumb contract), traded way too much for Melo (who we maybe could’ve gotten in the offseason without giving away young talent), and won 54 games two years later. The Knicks were back, baby!

Walsh’s success didn’t last long. He decided to sign Tyson Chandler, effectively hindering Mike D’Antoni’s entire wave, then Stoudemire’s knees deteriorated, and Melo, well, was Melo. (You knew who and what he was when you dealt for him.) He took the money and I don’t blame him. Melo deserves better, and I hope he goes out and gets it. He doesn’t need this shit in his life. After Dolan got accused of meddling, forcing the Anthony trade, and not being able to leave Zeke alone, he had to sit in his owner’s box and not touch the team.

melo took the money, and i don't blame him.

By hiring Phil Jackson, Dolan finally did the right thing, or at least that’s what we hoped. This was on Jackson now; the most decorated head coach in NBA history had a chance to be the executive Red Auerbach was, Phil’s only competition. He got us under the cap, didn’t trade away future first-round picks, drafted Kristaps Porzingis, and locked Carmelo up long term. Shit looked lit, like we were about to turn the corner.

2017 was gonna be the year we got back to the playoffs. We went and signed Courtney Lee and Joakim Noah (to an abysmal deal that gives me anxiety), and rented his buddy Derrick Rose for a season. They also added some nice young international players in Mindaugas Kuzminskas and Willy Hernangomez. Shit, I thought we were gonna get close to 50 wins. After going 14-10, the Knicks took a nosedive, winning only 16 games since. For the icing on the cake, Dolan kicked Charles Oakley out of the Garden in the most embarrassing way imaginable. I finally became so ashamed of supporting this team that I had to jump ship for the time being. I’ve boycotted the Knicks—straight stopped watching them—and copped NBA League Pass to feel whole again.

lebron and steph
Image via USA Today Sports/ken blaze

So now I have decided to join Cavs Nation, mainly because I have shifted all of my NBA-watching energy into the downfall of the Golden State Warriors. Sports are more fun for me when I have a villain to root against; this is why I hated Kobe for most of his career. Cleveland hasn’t been looking too hot since I joined up.

I made it official on March 2; the Cavs are 10-12 since. But I have faith that LeBron will turn into a god, Kyrie will be unguardable, Kevin Love will fit in instead of fitting out, and Larry Sanders will be the most important acquisition of the season. I’ll go back to my toxic relationship with the Knicks next year.