On Sunday afternoon a violent clash amongst fans (and players) broke out in Brazil during a futbol match between Gama and Brasiliense that would make all but the most bonkers of European soccer hooligans envious. The melee took place in the match's 89th minute, with the score tied 1-1. The powder keg went off, as you can see in the embedded video above, after some players and coaching staff of the two clubs got into it on the sideline.

Fans reacted to the exchanging of shoves and blows by getting in on the action like some lunatics and/or madmen and/or Pistons fans that one time. That begat several minutes of tug of war over a banner, a fan getting stripped down to his undies, and several rounds of pepper spray being shot onto the pitch.

Not surprisingly, the game's referee, Almir Camargo, had to call the contest, and a riot team had to walk onto the field. According to ESPN, some fans and players were injured as a result of the violence. It's not yet known what punishments will be doled out as a result of the over-the-top display of dumbfuckery, but Gama says they will take every step necessary to investigate the incident.