Warren Buffett is one of the most iconic businessmen and investors in the United States. An article last year from Business Insider states Buffett is the second-wealthiest American, behind only—you guessed it—Bill Gates.

Buffett is also a huge basketball fan. This becomes news every year around the NCAA Tournament because Buffett offers massive financial incentives to his Berkshire Hathaway employees if they can correctly predict outcomes of the tournament.

In 2014, he offered $1 billion to any employee who predicted a perfect tourney bracket. Last year, Buffett said he would give $1 million per year to anyone at Berkshire Hathaway who predicted all 16 teams in the Sweet 16.

Buffett is making the offer even sweeter this year. The $1-million-a-year-for-life Sweet 16 offer still stands, but there's also a new one: if an employee gets the first 32 games correct—AKA predicting the first round correctly, 32/32—that person will receive $1 million.

It may sound simple enough, but as anyone who’s picked a bracket before could tell you, picking the whole first round correctly is quite difficult. I’m sure we’ll hear about it if someone pulls off the improbable and wins a mill. If it happens, that person deserves a spot in One Shining Moment.