Betting against the Warriors right now seems like a really bad idea. But it appears as though that’s exactly what one Houston man did prior to a Warriors/Rockets game earlier this week—and he ended up paying the price for doing it.

In order to settle the bet he made, the man, later identified as Miguel Chavez, agreed to be duct taped to a yield sign located on the side of a busy street. The video above shows his friends duct taping him to the sign as cars buzz by. And after they were done, it looks like they just left him there for awhile to make sure that he made good on his wager.

But according to WFAA, it didn’t take long for someone to call the police, and when the cops showed up, it almost turned into a pretty serious situation. WFAA reports that one of Chavez's friends walked up to him with a knife to cut him down, but since it was unclear what was going on, a police officer ordered him to back away from Chavez. "Drop the knife," the cop yelled, "or I’ll Tase you."

Fortunately, the incident didn’t escalate any further than that. The man’s friend explained that Chavez was duct taped to the sign because he lost a bet on the Warriors/Rockets game, and the cops allowed him to cut Chavez down. They even gave him a ride home when it was all said and done. But agreeing to do this seems even dumber than betting against Steph Curry & Co. in the first place, doesn’t it?


At this moment I knew I fucked up #haha😹😭

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Check out the clips above to see Chavez settling his bet in one of the most unique ways possible.