In case you didn't realize, it's 2017 and camera phones are everywhere. Camera phones that belong to people who may capture you doing something somewhat scandalous, just hours before selling that footage to TMZ. If you're a celebrity, that's something to keep in mind. And it's also exactly what happened to Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott on Monday after he yanked down a woman's top during a St. Patty's parade in Dallas on Saturday afternoon.

According to TMZ , Elliott's reps said the woman didn't care, that it was "all in good fun," and that she hung out with a group of him and his friends afterwards. TMZ also said they obtained a second video where Elliott went in for a second grab and that she slapped his hand away. After she rejected his second advance she "[flashed] her cleavage to the crowd below."

The NFL, for their part, had no comment on the shirt pull(s) from one of the stars they'll likely market their league around for the next several years:

There you have it. Case closed?