Sacramento Kings guard Ty Lawson will probably never, ever, ever ask his followers on Instagram for food recommendations again after what he went through this week. On Tuesday, Lawson used his Instagram story to look for suggestions for a "bomb taco" spot in the Sacramento area. The very next day, Ty has been listed as questionable for the Kings' game against the Brooklyn Nets due to gastroenteritis. 

While it's not entirely out of the equation that Lawson had some really bad luck, it isn't that hard to believe that there are some Kings fans who just want to see the world burn, or at least make sure their favorite team tanks for the remainder of the season. Since trading their franchise player, DeMarcus CousinsSacramento appear fully prepared to try and snag a good spot in this year's upcoming NBA draft. So, what better way to ensure that this happens then to pluck out one of their better players for a game or two by recommending some bad food spots in the area?

The next time Lawson speaks with reporters, he should let everyone know which "bomb taco" spot he went to on that fateful night—at least for the sake of his Kings teammates. 

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