On Wednesday, cops in Peru made some coke kingpin very, very pissed off by successfully pulling off a bust that yielded 1,417 kilos of cocaine. While it's possible that some of those kilos would've ended up the noses of some pro athletes, what makes it a sports story is that the kilos were packaged with logos that depicted pictures and the name of soccer legend Lionel Messi.

According to an official, the logos are used by the producers/traffickers of the drugs to guarantee purity. The coke was found wrapped in containers with squid filets, and the haul was worth an estimated $85 million.

"Most of the 1,288 packages of drugs were camouflaged as squid filets and had a label that said 'Messi' along with a picture of the Argentina player Lionel Messi wearing the shirt of the Spanish club Barcelona," said a local news release.

According to a spokesman, no one has yet been arrested for the unearthed shipment. But we imagine there are some Peruvian locals sweating it out nonetheless.