Can’t we put all this Kevin Durant-Russell Westbrook stuff behind us? When KD threw that beautiful alley-oop to Russ in the All-Star Game, there was one quick moment where things seemed hopeful. Now, they seem just as angsty as ever.

Durant’s brother Tony appeared to diss Westbrook on Twitter Thursday night, criticizing the Thunder star for intentionally going after triple doubles.

Tony later tweeted that he was commenting on an NCAA game, but it doesn't seem like anyone really believed him.

Friday afternoon, Westbrook’s wife fired back at Tony, claiming he was looking for attention.

Man, now the families are getting involved. This relationship is complicated.

We hope these two (and their relatives) are able to make up someday—after a lot of epic matchups. In case you’re wondering, it doesn’t seem likely the Warriors and Thunder will meet in the first round of the playoffs. The Thunder are currently No. 6 in the West and are six games ahead of the No. 8 Nuggets.

With that being said, there is a chance they’ll meet in the playoffs. And if that happens, expect plenty of trash talk—perhaps even between the families.